Thursday, January 17, 2019

I have had the above quilt top finished for a while has one more border than is shown here.  I pinbasted it last week but have not been able to decide how to quilt it.  It is for a childhood friend of Sarah's.  For her little boy.   I have about come to the conclusion that just meandering is the safest thing for me to do.  Still not set in stone.

I made a small quilt sandwich this afternoon to practice on and to see if the machine needed any adjustments.

This is the back...I considered quilting like this but just not so sure.  I am afraid on the actual quilt it will draw the attention to the quilting rather than the cute kitties.

When I was sitting up my sewing machine for quilting, I gave myself a scare.  I put on the free-motion foot, and proceeded to wind a couple bobbins of thread after I made my thread choice.  Well, I took the first one off and put it in, while the other one wound.  So, I started to drop the needle down to pull the bobbin thread up.  I was first using the button that will either drop the needle down in or pull it wouldn't work.  So I reached for the flywheel and tried to turn it forward.  It would not turn!  My heart just dropped...then I happened to notice that I had not taken the bobbin off...there is a little 'bar' that you push in in order to fill a bobbin and it was still pushed in.  When I pulled it out back, the machine worked fine.

I am getting ready to post more of these over at my other blog...I took them within the past week or so.  It is from the same place as the other photos I showed a bit back...I don't know if it is part of the same group or not...I tend to think it is.  This time there were only 4...last time there were 9...and they all have beards about this long.