Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just a bit more salsa...

My older daughter came by this morn...I had done washed jars and was in the process of gathering ripe tomatoes. I did the skinning of the know where you dip them in boiling water for just a minute then dunk them in cold and the skin comes off real easy. And I cored them and handed them to her to cut into chunks.
She cut them in really big chunks, plus took out some of the juice/seeds in the hopes that it will be a bit more chunky. I think she will be better satisfied with the result. She did take a couple jars of the juicy salsa home with her to share with friends when they are over.
I got five more quarts out of this batch...I cannot even think how many that makes....but I am about to call it quits on the salsa. I think I have close to enough to last us. Though if Rachel likes this, we might make another batch.
And do you see that funnel in the second picture...that is the funnel my mom had. I would love to know how many jars it has been used to fill. I bet most people would be amazed. I know a few people who can, but they don't can in that amount. Other than my sister-in-law and another neighbor down home, I can not think of anyone I personally know that really consistently cans or freezes most of the vegetables and stuff that they need.. I know I sure don't.

I can remember my mom talking about so many people only know how to go to the store and buy cans of goods, little realizing that one of those days I would be one of the people going to the store. But I do know how to can, and if I can't remember I can always ask my sister-in-law. It is a lot of work, but I remember feeling so thankful to look at the rows and rows of jars full of food.

And the other thing I think about in regards to canning...well, in relation to canning and 'going green'. Does anyone besides me ever think about how much less garbage there would be if everyone canned the majority of what they used. The jars are used over and over...I have two or three jars that I bet are at least 40 or 50 years old, maybe older. They are from home, and were old when I was a kid.

The only thing to throw away is the little dome lids that seals the jar....that is less than one end of a metal can of something.