Saturday, August 24, 2019

The sky last night

I just have to show you the sky last night...and I suggest right clicking and opening in another tab or window. The above shot is to the west and one below is more towards the south.

I so wanted to go to the strip pit area where I could have wide open spaces, but I was bone weary.  I had woke up at 5:00 and could not go back to sleep...that after going to bed  just 3 or at the most 4 hours before.

Isn't Lorelei's kitty pretty?  Kitty Soft Paws is her name...I never have gotten a good picture of her.  and I would dearly love to have a video of her and Rosie playing...Rosie is Lorelei's little dog.

 I will leave you with another Jeanne reminds me of something Roger did when we were first married. ....but listen to the video first.

Back at that time, before cell phones, and computers and instant communications, we mailed letters and mailed in bills.  Even though we lived right in the town where the bills were due, with working, it was just easier to mail the bills in.

Well, I started to mail something, I had always thought it was an actual letter but maybe it was just a bill.  I was out of stamps.  So I gave it to Roger and ask him to go get a book of stamps and mail it while he was at the post office.  He went and came home, and I ask him where were the rest of the stamps?  He says, 'Well I put them on the letter like you asked me to.'  I have always wondered about that...I always wondered who opened that envelope and what did they think.  He just took me literally.

Have a good weekend, everyone.