Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I had to search to find this photo...I wanted a pic of a window that I had not shown before...just to have something new.  This is from Nashville, Indiana.  I have taken pics of this window can see it is the one on the left side.  This place has such unusal stuff.
I was reading a little today and in it the character mentioned remembering her mom opening the window.  And just that phrase 'opening the window' brought back memories.  I remember mom always having me open the kitchen windows.  We didn't have AC so it got quite hot in there in the summer with all the canning and cooking going on.  Sometimes if they were stuck, we had to wait for one of my brothers.

I had a corner bedroom and could open up the windows in there and I would get a cross breeze.  Back then, heat didn't bother me near as bad as it does now.  I think I have become 'soft.'

I also remember when I was really young, I slept with my pillow on the window seal and laid there and listened to the whippoorwills.  And I could hear the traffic down on the highway...but there was not the traffic that there is now.  I also remember my brothers setting listening to vehicles and saying what kind of car it was...and maybe even saying what kind of motor.  I don't know if they really knew what they were talking about or if they were just guessing...the highway was about a mile there was no way to see what cars really were.

Then when Roger and I lived in Tennessee, we opened the back door, then opened the window to the bedroom and our little house cooled out real quick.  But it was where the sun didn't really shine on the house till up in the morn...probably 9:00 or 10:00 of the morn and then it was back in the shade early in the evening.
It has gotten was shirtsleeve weather yesterday.  Tomorrow the high is supposed to be in the 20's.  With some snow tonight, but they are still talking like it will be more like flurries.