Monday, December 15, 2008

Odds and ends....

I could not choose which I liked best between these two versions...I must say that the first one is probably more true to life...I clicked auto contrast in Photoshop Elements 2 to get the second version.
These other shots are just odds and ends...
the one above is very grainy, and just a tad bit out of focus.
And I found these twisted vines interesting.
And the above was an actual tree that had at one time or another had a vine around it. I had to use auto contrast to make this picture worth viewing...the original was much to dark. I worked on it with fill flash and the hue and saturation, but auto contrast got the most viewable picture.

It is a VERY cold day here in Indiana...the wind just howled last night. I got up this morn and the house was cold...someone had turned the heat off yesterday! I thought it a miracle that the thermometer read only 64 degrees F. As cold as it is outside, that was a blessing. The prediction calls for it to stay in the lower 20's, with a few snow flurries but no accumulation. Along with gusts of wind.