Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Been away for the day

It was such a wonderful day , that we just had to get out for a drive...headed over into Illinois and then north. To this place shown here. It is a place to view eagles and herons.
This is our third time being there...but have yet to see an eagle. But we saw blue herons today.
We saw a few, but probably not as many as were there. The waterlilies were so tall that once they landed in them, we could hardly see them. And over on the other side of the road, we could see the heron rookery...too far for my lens to be any good. But Roger had his spotting scope and could see real good through it.

I am embarrassed to admit this, but it is the third time we have been there and each time I don't think to take a photo of the tower. I guess I don't think because I am so focused on getting out on the boardwalk.

It was just so pleasant today....low humidity, in the low 80's, and hardly anyone there. One person came by on the boardwalk while we were on it and we were on at at least an hour I would say...and maybe more.

I sure wouldn't mind living near a place like that.


Princess Lorelei has gone home...did you know that she is a princess. Sometimes when we ask her who she is, she says Princess Lorelei....or if I ask her if she is Princess Lorelei, she will say in a very precise little voice, 'YES, I am.' And she certainly is....

I had a couple people ask if I had made the dress she was wearing in the post yesterday...yes, it was one I made last year. I just bought a tank top, measured down so far and cut it off. I cut the fabric for the skirt in a rectangle whose measurements I don't remember. I think the width of it was at least about 4 times the width of the tank top...and I know I guessed at the lengths. She could wear it last year, but it actually fits better now.

As to the playhouse, she did play and play with it...that was the best $7 I ever spent.

Well, this Mamaw is tired....I need to put this computer away and think about getting to bed. This house was just so quiet this evening...we miss her as soon as she leaves.