Saturday, May 10, 2008


I don't know about everyone else, but I sure had a fun time viewing Friday's Sky Watch entries...thank you Tom for hosting it. I still have not made it to every one's site but will probably still try to make a few more visits. At least this week I am not sitting here trying to type with one hand while I hold a baby bunny with the other.

I am going to try to take a picture of Clover during the next few days. I would never have dreamed that having little bunny would wear me out, but it does. Yet it is worth it. Its eyes opened earlier this week, I have been feeding it just a few three-leaf clovers, which she/he totally enjoys.

Part of what wears me out is the fact that the cats will not leave the cage alone, so I no more than sit down till I have to get a newspaper after them. They can't really get to the bunny, but I want them to get the idea that it is out of bounds. Bubbie is so hard headed I am not sure he is ever going to learn.

Now for the pictures below. On his way home from work, my husband happened to catch a glimpse of these 'tree' mushrooms growing on a rotten tree not even a mile from here. He turned around and went back and got them. The National Audubon's Mushroom book calls them oyster mushrooms. He has hunted them all his life and these are the biggest he has ever seen...and for sure the biggest I have seen.

The color on top is different at different times of the year. Here and here are places that has really good pictures of them growing--at the first link, the top two pictures really give you a good view of how we find them growing. We like to clean these and usually just tear them apart along the gills into thin strips and coat them with flour and fry until crisp and brown. These were so big they had to be cut a little more.

We had some last night, then Roger took some to work and in their shop they have a stove and he and the guys fried and ate a bunch at work. And we have two or three bags frozen for later use. I like them almost as well as I do morels...they have an almost slightly nutty taste. Usually they don't have as many of those little tiny bugs as morels, but this bunch did.