Sunday, March 21, 2021

Photo overload...

 I give you fair warning this will have several photos...

They were so far away I thought at first they were swans.  All most all were sleeping as I walked down closer...

As I got neared the bank opposite then, they gradually woke up.  Even thought I was still a good distance away.

The spring of the year is the one time I have the chance to see White Pelicans in the middle of Indiana.  These were down in the Goose Pond area...not far out of Linton.

 I was so glad to get to see them.  There were another group of them way farther on.  And we did not make it to another pond that we see them on.


On top of them, I heard Sand Hill Cranes yesterday here at home, but they were so high up, they looked like a thin cloud till they turned at an angle.  I came in to get the camera but by the time I was back out in just a few seconds, I did not hear them, nor could I spot them.


It is not every day that the following happens..