Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just think....

What if we still had to cook our meal on a stove like the heat we have been having.
When I was a young girl, my mom cooked on stove much like the one can see what is left of it HERE....I think I was in about the 3rd or 4th grade when my sister bought her an electric stove.
We also heated with a coal stove, but not like this one. In fact, I have looked for an image similar to the one we had with no luck at all.

Anyway, these were at Patton's corner in the 'house'...and no not the shack showing on Time Stand still today. I will post the 'house' another day....either here or over there.

Remember before I mentioned that we all had to carry in wood and kindling for the stoves. One time, my brother that is next to me in age was chopping kindling. Apparently it was a piece of lumber...for he had it laying on the ground between his feet splitting it. I don't know what/why it happened, but he chopped his foot instead and had a big gash in it. He was using a hatchet instead of an axe....

To the best of my memory....there was no visit to the doctor. I bet today he would have gotten stitches. I don't even remember him complaining afterwards.
When we were kids, we were certainly not rich. And I don't know how or where it came from, but there was always boards/old lumber in the woodshed. If we wanted to do or make something, we could usually find what we needed. And there was always if we needed bigger nails like size 12, 16, etc--we might have to go get them. Though there would usually be a few. But we typically had some #8's and maybe #10's on hand....

And we even saved old nails if they weren't too bad and would straighten them out to re-use on occasion. When have you heard of anyone doing that?