Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vermillion County Courthouse

We stopped in Newport today...I wanted to take a photo of our courthouse...after seeing Noble County Courthouse, this one was a little boring. In fact, of all the courthouses I have seen around here, ours is probably the most boring to look at from the outside. It has been years since I have been inside...
I saw red, red leaves well as the other day just a house or two away from Sarah. The humidity has been down some the past few days. I am feeling fall drawing near every morn or every evening that I set outside in the swings. This year, I suppose it will be bittersweet, with both girls moving.

My older daughter has about a month of training left....she is doing well in it. Both the physical and the book learning. I wish I could remember the details of some of her physical training...I don't think I could have did it when young. The other days was this: 12 stations of calisthenics...1 min of cal then run a lap to following station....another involved an Indian run....along with all the other calisthenics. She has been pushing herself for the past 3 years and it has paid off.