Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No quilting today. Nor did I take a single picture. I did can 6 pints and 4 quarts of hot peppers...5 pints of jalapenos and the others were hot hungarian wax peppers. I am really wanting to get down in the basement to sew, but have other things that keep getting in the way. I thought I might get down there this evening but my daughter and her husband came by...we went out to eat. By the time we got back, I was just out of the mood to do much of anything.

We have a new neighbor to our north...and she seems like a nice, normal girl. Just maybe I will have a good neighbor once again. When we moved to this neighborhood, we were the youngest couple here. Gradually, almost all the original bunch have died. There is not a week goes by that I don't miss the neighbor, Lilly, that was to the north of us when we moved here.

She first moved out to a senior living place, and her house came up for sell. Another neighbor bought it, as well as the house to the south of us and is using them for rentals. I cannot think how long Lilly has been gone from here--at least 7 years since she moved (she passed away in 2003 I think), anyway, this is the first time I feel like we might have a good neighbor there.

I am so sick of the people that we have been getting for neighbors..we did have a couple that were nice to the south of us for a while. Now we have someone that lets the grass grow about a foot high before it is cut. I think the landlord makes them cut it when it is cut....

My mind is wondering right now...thinking over all the people that have come and gone. The new neighbor's first name is Shelby, and that is the name of our dog! At least it makes it easy to remember her name. Our new neighbor enclosed part of her back yard right away with fencing. They were out there as we were leaving this evening and Roger asked her if she had a wolf or what...she said no, a beagle but he is just as bad...likes to dig out and run away.

Well, he was out there when we got home and I just want to go give him a big old hug. He just has that friendly beagle look and his tail wags nice and slow when you talk to him! Yes, I think I am going to like this girl! I done like the dog--he doesn't bark and go nuts, though I did hear him bark a time or two. I don't mind legitimate barking...I just cannot take it when a dog barks non-stop for no apparent reason.

But this beagle brings back memories of Ray, a neighbor that lived diagonally across from our corner. He raised beagles and sold them. For rabbit hunting. He had this one little beagle that was about 2 or 3 months old and for some reason out of all the dogs that he had, it was the only one that somehow managed to get out of the pen every week or two, and every time it came over here to us. Probably more to get to the girls cause they were young then. He was adorable...

Enough reminising for tonight...hopefully I will either get to sew some tomorrow or at least take some pictures.