Sunday, December 30, 2007

I finally found my favorite cow picture...I took several and this is the best in my opinion. I don't think I did a good job of capturing them, though you may get a little bit of the feeling I had. It was like I was a visitor at their house and they were just waiting for me to come on in. This was taken several years ago, with B & W film. I will always love black and white film for some things.

I have spent hours on-line trying to come up with a plan for a couple baby quilts and nothing has caught my fancy yet...I usually see something and play off it. I feel like even when I go to sleep that I am subconsciously thinking about it.

I have had a couple or three frustrating days, starting Thursday afternoon. I just thought I could go pick up the B&W pictures I have...I could not find hide nor hair of them. Friday, I went to the mall to return some things...I had the gift receipts for two places. Neither one would just give money back since I didn't have the actual receipt...I didn't mind bad at the one because it was a major dept. store.

The other was Finish Line and I did mind because they didn't have anything to fit my body! I am not done with it yet...I did just let my daughter spend the money. But I plan to get on line and write them and just tell them I won't be spending any more money there--it is usually where we buy our tennis shoes, and also I had spent about $100 on daughter, even though it isn't much. Also, I am thinking of going in there at some busy, busy time and buying a dozen pair of socks, buying each one separate and tell them why--because they are gifts and I want someone to be able to return them with ease....then taking them back the next day.

But it wouldn't be quite fair because it isn't the kids' fault that works there. So I won't do it. But it sure crosses my mind. In all honesty, from now on when I buy gifts, if what I buy at a store is going to two or more people, I will pay for each person's separately because that is the policy in our get in-store credit...not actual cash. Which isn't too bad if it is a major dept. store...but still what if there is something somewhere else that you really want?

Anyway, that really frustrated me...I had a gift certificate to Joann Fabrics but just came home I was so aggravated. Then, looked for pictures again. No luck.

Yesterday, DD and I went looking at houses for sale in Terre Haute and I did go to Joann's and got a fabric fix. I got several fat quarters, plus some slinky type fabric to make a pair of pjs. I am trying to get up my nerve to go cut them out.

Oh, but that is not the end of Saturday...cancelled checks were awaiting me when I got home. So last night I decided I might as well balance the checkbook and get it done and over with. When I went to put them away, I decided to dig a little deeper in that drawer which is about the second place I had looked for my B&W pictures--and there they were!

Now to get off my bottom and go do something.....