Thursday, July 17, 2008

for Sky Watch Friday

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A couple photos from slides developed in August of 1994. I am not saying that they are pretty, but rather kind of strange. I did not alter anything cause I do sort of like how they look. I don't remember how the colors actually were so thought I might as well leave them as they scanned. And I think the water part is pretty well accurate, so who knows about the actual sky.

Sky Watch Friday is an actual blog that Tom and friends started just for our benefit. I am not sure who all was involved in developing it but I am thankful to them. So if you want to join, or just want to see some great pictures go to Sky Watch to find lots of links. You won't be sorry.

More from slides...

Click to enlarge photos.
I spent a good part of the evening scanning slides...when I first do them I think they are great. Then I come back later and feel sort of ho-hum about some of them. However, barns always find favor with me whether taken by me or someone else, so I am posting two or three views of this barn. And will post a different barn on The Road Less Photographed.

I know this one was north of here, I think still in Vermillion County, Indiana but not positive. I didn't have much choice on where I shot the picture was a narrow, winding dirt road. But something about this barn just seemed so huge. I wish I could find it again to see if I still had that feeling.