Tuesday, April 9, 2024

a bit of sewing...

There are three of these blocks though you cannot see the third.  They are left over from the project HERE.  I always keep something on the back of Roger's chair.

I wanted and needed something new for his chair, and had been thinking off and on what I might make.  I even considered just doing two fabrics and quilting them.  Per usual, I could not make a decision.  So, I thought and thought some more, and got to thinking about how he loves Civil War Reproduction fabrics, and I thought that is the fabric to use, no matter what I make.

I pulled out the container of the fabrics and found these three blocks...they are perfect for this.  And now they will be used.  I added the sashing strip between the blocks and did the one border.  And will do at least one more border.  One of the reproductions fabrics I have is green, so I may use it since it is Roger's favorite color.

I want to get to sew some on it today, but also need to do another chore or two.  So it may be tonight before I get up there.