Friday, September 7, 2012

A no photo post....

I should go take a photo of a clothes basket, but am too lazy to do it. But just have to tell you that that is and always has been one of Lorelei's favorite things. I cannot even think of all the ways she uses it.

She gets under it and crawls around calling herself a turtle or a snail....or she hides under it. We always used to pretend we couldn't find her.

Or else she gets in it and wants a quilt or fleece blanket thrown over it to completely cover it and her. Sometimes she takes a stuffed animal or doll with her and that is part of her make believe..other times she wants us to find her.

Still others, she puts pillow in the bottom and gets in, stretches her legs out, and takes a fleece blanket and snuggles back to watch TV. (It is one of the rectangle ones.) Or she will turn it upside down and sit her dollhouse on it.

Oh, and sometimes I turn it upside down and have her sit on it in front of me while I comb her hair. Who would ever have dreamed a child would get so much fun out of something so ordinary. It is due to her vivid can just look at her sometimes and see the wheels turning.

I just wondered if anyone else's grandchildren have something like this that they play with constantly that is not a toy.