Friday, August 28, 2009

There is no denying it.....

There is no denying that fall is on its way. Who would want to? I love spring, and I love parts of summer, and I still have a childish glee come over me when it starts to snow. But I dearly love fall. I love it when the days are crisp and clear and the clouds floating big and bold in the sky, and the feeling you get of how nice a fire would be.
Or to walk into the kitchen on those days when you have the smell of a pot of soup drifting through the house. Though I admit I like soup any time, any season, it is just a bit more lovely when the days turn cool. In the fall it is a joy to bake something and enjoy the heat it creates having the oven on.
Then there is the actual beauty of the colors changing...I never tire of photos of the autumn leaves. These were taken late this evening...I had to have my ISO set at 1600 to get these. I want to go for another drive in better weather.
It rained a big portion of the day here. Huge puddles were every where for a while. It was almost like pouring water out of a bucket part of the time. It thundered so bad it really shook the house...I unplugged everything for most of the day. I did plug it back in for a few minutes once...but was afraid to leave them plugged in. Even though I have surge protectors, I just didn't want to risk losing anything.

A bit of fancy work

I have heard stuff similar to this called fret work, gingerbread trim, and bargeboard. Not knowing if there are specifics to each, I will leave it to you the reader to decide what to call it. I call it pretty. I never see any of this type of work without thinking what a chore it must be to paint it. And this even more so because it is painted different colors. I almost think I would like it better if it were all one color. And that because the background is basically green. I suppose if if it was all white behind it, I would like it better this way. Either way it is pretty, and was a lot of talent and work to do it.