Monday, March 24, 2008

Who can resist a face like this????

The top picture was taken either by my daughter or her husband...I am thinking probably by their camera phone. I cannot tell which room for sure but think he is on the bed with them. I just totally love this picture of him.

And this is from today--my SIL had him here for a little bit and I tried to snap a picture of him. It is hard to catch him still long enough to get one that isn't blurred. I think in a short amount of time he and Bubbie would be best of buddies. For some reason Bubbie really likes dogs, and part of the time our Shelby will put up with him, but other times she is nervous and jumps up and finds someplace else to be. But Otto doesn't run...except I could see them chasing each other once they got used to it.
But he has no desire to hurt at all...

They take him to the local pet store with them and when he meets a new dog, a lot of the time the first thing he does is sit down, all the while his whole body wiggling with happiness. I think it is the same thing with kids.

Okay, change of subject. Most people probably have heard of the Owl Cam--why most people call it the owl cam I don't know. Maybe others do call it the bird cam I don't know...anyway, I have watched it for years. If you click on the links at the side, you get to watch eagles, falcons, kestrels, osprey nest. It is too soon to see all, but they are fun to watch. This year they even have live video.

Also, in our own state of Indiana, in Indianapolis right downtown the falcons have and see about them HERE. Just totally amazing to me. I don't know why but birds of prey are fascinating to me. I love about all birds and fuzzy animals...we even have a toad that we love. Or did...I only seen him a couple times last year so am afraid he has died. But the look coming from birds of prey is just so intense...and I can't imagine what they see when they are soaring overhead. So hope you enjoy the links.