Friday, February 10, 2012

On the way to Walmart

Since my girls are coming today, we had to make a little fun to Walmart for a few things...well, we would have needed to go whether they were coming or not. I asked the Roger if he minded running through the strip pits on the way...even though it was snowing I was really hoping to see an eagle but no such luck. Not even a hawk was out today.

However, the the one pond we always stop at, I saw these swans. From a distance back I thought whoopee! Whooping Cranes...I mean I could tell they were standing and not sitting in the water. I just did not realize how shallow it was there...when we got close I could plainly see it was swans. Still a joy to see....
Then at the HUGE strip it, we have been seeing the above pair of water birds but they always take flight before I have a chance to snap a photo...however today I did get this one and one other fired off before they were out of the picture. I think it is a Goldeneye, but not sure...there are two types of those so whoever wants...chime in and tell me which one, or if it is something totally different because I just am not familiar with them.
This was taken after I left the strip pit area, I think it is the white fronted geese. They were flying around there...and if you enlarge it you will see that one is it a snow goose? I have not had time to look any of these up on the web, and the girls will be here shortly so don't really have time now. Everyone be sure to check the comments because someone will probably identify these and I may not get a chance to edit this tonight...

It is snowing as I speak, but still not supposed to get any amount. Still it was pretty before darkness fell.

No sewing for me today....did manage to visit a few blogs. Part of the time now pictures don't want to load on this computer. I have been trying to narrow down my choice for a new laptop...and having a hard time in the matter. There is one I really want, but would have to wait for it to be on it is not Energy Star rated so now I am not even sure I want it.

I have been using my little netbook just to browse with, but all my photos are on this one. So, I use it to blog with and a little bit of other stuff just when I want to pop on and check email. But for evenings sitting watching TV, I use the other.

Revisiting sunnier days....

I have been sitting looking back through my photos for something to post. I have not been on a good photo shoot in so long I wouldn't know how to act if I got to go. That being said, I came across this one below, and I have posted it before. Do you see anything funny about it?
Look at the bird in the middle on the little limb to the looks as if its head is on backwards. I had not noticed that till tonight. It made me laugh out loud to see it. Okay...that had not been what I was looking for...though I didn't know just what I was looking for. I think maybe I was looking for memories.
Then I came across can tell it is hot, but doesn't the tree just invite you to sit under it for a while. It would make such a wonderful tree to have for kids to climb on. If kids climb trees these days. I was still climbing trees in college, but I cannot say when I have seen a kid climb a tree. We always wanted to get up high till we could see farther.

Or I was always climbing a tree to see how many eggs were in a bird nest...and I had been told if I breathed on the eggs that the mom would not come back to them, so I always got up there and held my breath while I looked.

And there were these young trees we used to climb to the top and get them to swaying till they would bend over low enough for us to drop from...not birches. They were in the the cedar thicket so I think it might have been young spindly cedar trees or something that would grow with them...and not much grows with them.
Did not do any sewing today thought I did trim my blocks till they were square. Just the tiniest bit was all it took. Lorelei and her mommy are coming tomorrow evening, and spending the weekend with us if all goes well. So going to wait till next week to start the final stage getting the blocks sewn together. It will be at least an afternoon of sewing if not more, providing I don't make any major mistakes.