Monday, January 31, 2022

This and that...

  I guess you have heard we have a big snow predicted...starting Wednesday night.  I did make the time to get in a supply of catfood today...we dare not run out of their food.  When I came home from there, before I even got out of the car I spotted an eagle.

I had to run in the house and grab my camera and get back was fairly high up and north of us quite a bit.  It was circling, and part of the time I could not see it when it turned a certain way.  That is how far it had gotten.

This is a cropped portion of te can click on all my pics and open bigger.  Or if you right click and choose to open in a new tab, it will usually open even bigger. 


I had to do a few things inside...besides put away what I had bought.  And I did set for a few minutes.  Also had to take Roger's glasses to have a nose piece put back on.  I doubt if tat was 15 minutes total time...

I decided since I had ran all day long that I might as well go to the strip pits...Roger went with me.  We were not disappoint.  Though the snow geese were not very active, about half the lake was covered with them...the half farthest away from us.  But the White-fronted geese were active...though no good pics of them.   You may think these are Canada geese but they aren't.  Thought I like the white-fronted geese, I miss the sound of the Canada Geese.

 And several swans went over....


What I really wanted to share was this little video that popped up the other day.