Monday, May 6, 2019

From a warm, sunny day...

This was taken yesterday...we have so many House Sparrows...I would not mind a few less.  I have been seeing house finches, too but they are never still long enough for me to run grab my camera.  Shoot, they are not even still long enough for me to raise my phone and snap a pic.

I have hung a load of clothes on the you know for at least a short period of time all seemed right with the world.  I did a bit of yard work...and have been to Walmart.  That was the first time to Walmart in several days.  I seldom go past three days without having to stop for something.

I need to fix us a bite of supper...and have a load of Roger's t-shirts in the dryer.  Since he is allergic to so much stuff, I don't hang his stuff out very often, and if I do I take them to the dryer and run them through it a few minutes.  

I have to give a quote from Sister Monica Joan from Call the Midwife....I was watching an old episode last night and here she comes with some boards.  Sister Julienne asks her what she has/where she got them.  I don't remember her exact wording...and Sister Monica tells her that they are boards and she got them from a pet shop that was rearranging their displays.  She proceeds to tell Sister Julienne...that she requires bookshelves to be set up in her room.  She says, " My books have been in boxes far too long.  If they are not set straight, their contents will jumble and become deranged!"

Sometimes I think that describes my mind...this quote is kind of funny.   There is this one which I have shared before I think:   Sister Monica Joan said:  "I find two opinions are always better than one, particularly if one is mine."  I urge you to click on the link above about will describe her better than I ever could.

But I leave you with closing lines that make you think, "We flicker on the screen...we fold and unfold upon the mind's eye.  For its all as wings as eternal as a heartbeat and even when the heart falls silent we do not cease to be...because in the end we all become memories..."