Saturday, August 2, 2008

Glad I took my camera....

We left Monday morn about 5:45 a.m. for our days away. I took my camera...thinking I would take pictures there. I had visions of going to the air museum during the day and going for a drive in the hours after it closed. Didn't work out quite that way.

However, due to our early start, we got to see a wonderful sunrise. Roger stopped a couple times for me to take pictures...the ones I am showing are just some to whet your appetite. I hope. I also took some while moving...and they turned out better than I expected.

I am having issues with my computer...or to be more specific with Internet Explorer. I don't know if it is temporary or what...but I cannot open either of my blogs, or The World in Black and White which I participate in. And I cannot open Strolling Through Georgia. I can however open Paintbox Pictures--another blog I contribute to occasionally. So right now I am using Mozilla Firefox, but it makes me wonder how long it will last with it. I have not checked all the blogs with Internet Explorer...I do know that I can open some with it and these I mentioned I for sure cannot. I think there were two or three others I tried and couldn't open, but I forget which ones they were.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these pictures...I should have got some of them up for SWF, but knew I didn't have much time to visit others, so just skipped it this week. And I really hope they enlarge...that trouble seemed to have been over with the last couple of posts, but not sure how it will be now with this other trouble.