Thursday, January 16, 2020

Do you do this...

Do you save change?  If you have, have you always?   Mom always had a dime bank, and I did always give her my dimes.  But I did not become a change saver till around 1981-2.  And I have never stopped.  At first it was just dimes.

At some point it morphed into saving all change.  At first I just threw it all in one bank.  And I  had an actual bank to begin with...I remember taping across the plug to keep it from falling out.  And I remember shaking and shaking to get the change out.

So my next question is, do you separate your change if you save it?  At some point I started taking old jars, making a slit in the lids, and they became my banks.

I don't mind cashing in fact right now I have 4 full jars I should cash in.  But I like to keep the silver coins.   It gives a whole new spin to the phrase 'cold, hard cash.'


I have did three more of these leaves...I added a few more that I had already done.  I need to take time and put them all on the design wall. One thing apparent here is the big polka-dot ones really stand out.  I forget what famous quilter said if a certain fabric stands out like a sore thumb, to just add more...that it will recede and become part of the background.

I know one thing for sure, I like dots. Circles.  I have thought about doing a circles quilt at some point.  I really would like to do that.

I need to settle down and watch the new/weather...hope you all have a good day tomorrow.