Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A handsome fellow

The previous post featured Lorelei, with a taste of Otto...I thought I would do this post with pictures of him from the same day.  Here he is...I don't recall why he had that look...maybe cause he had his harness on and was on the lead....

Now this is better...just the collar...just taking it easy in the front yard.  Isn't he handsome!
In case you are wondering, he is actually watching Sarah to see what she is doing...

He is happy just being with us.  He is not huge, but weighs about 70 pounds.  Their neighbors to one side have a couple girls that Lorelei likes to play with and also a couple dogs that he likes to play with.

Then a couple houses down the other way are two more kids.  And also a dog lives there, a Vizsla.  She gets out of her yard, comes and jumps the fence into Sarah's back yard and plays with him about 15 minutes.  By then he is worn out, and she jumps the fence to go make other visits.

The thing with him, he would dearly love to be a lap dog.  All I have to do is look at him a certain way and here he comes and tries to get in my lap.  Depending on where I am, I sometimes let him.  With Sarah, it is the same.  Especially if she gets this one quilt out...he considers it an open invitation to sit with her.

Edited to add:

I was looking back through old post of him...look at how young he was...this was before Lorelei...when Sarah and Jeremy lived just 15 minutes away.  Taken in April of 2008!