Friday, February 10, 2017

This and that....

1.  Someone had a birthday today!  Can you tell she is happy?

2.  I have yet to visit everyone for Thankful Thursday and here I am getting ready to link to another meme.  I will try to visit everyone though.  Unless something unforeseen happens.

3.  Does everyone have bloggers that they miss?  I still miss EG....but she is not the only one.  Some I don't know what happened.  Does anyone remember Montana Girl?  I loved her photography...Elaine at Arctic View has not posted in a while...and others I miss I sort of know what happened and find them a little bit easier to deal with.  But hate it when someone is just gone and we don't know what happened.

I wonder did they start out to take a break like I did last summer while we had Lorelei and then it change into something more such as like when Roger had his stroke. 

4.  For something a bit more fun, how about one of my favorite songs:

5.  And just for fun a different version....

Believe it or not Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead was part of this group.

Linking to Willy Nilly Friday 5.....