Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wonder if they even saw each other???

Yesterday was one of those wonderful skies...not too cold. And for being in the middle of the day, the lighting was not as bad as it normally is. So, we headed out for a drive...we chose to go north. I got a surprise when I downloaded the picture above...I had not noticed the plane at all...Roger first called it Almost a Collision...or something like that...then he said, being funny, 'wonder if they saw each other?'
This is the backwaters of the Wabash River...we saw quite a few really good shots though. This one was almost a good 'Bottoms Up' might have to click and enlarge to see it...
There are a couple buzzards on top of the barn...spreading their wings. I like the barn anyway.
This was the prize of the day..not so much the photograph but what it is a photograph of. It is an eagle...a juvenile from the white on his chest.

I would love to know how high he was...he was way, way up there and still looked so huge. To us, his wings look too big for his body. I told Roger that I don't know why, but when they are up so high, they look so much larger to me than the ones I have seen closer to the ground. I would love to know why that is.