Sunday, August 16, 2020

Job finished...

 Daughter was here last weekend, and came back yesterday.

We finished her curtains for her living room.  

They are 90 inches long.   She originally wanted them to just touch the carpet, but while we were making them she said she did not mind if they puddled a bit.  Good thing.

I am always afraid when making something like this that one will end up a lot shorter or longer than the other one, but my daughter did the measuring and cutting for these.  I was strictly the pinner and sewer.


I am starting to make the backing for my latest crumb quilt top.  I make these quilt tops trying to just use what I have here.  But almost every time, I like them so much I want to buy a backing that I pick out just for them.  I finally remembered some fabric that I bought on sale and am going to use it...i will have to chose some more fabric use with it, to make it big enough.  


I have been reading The Good Good Pig by Sy was one of those I got for a couple dollars.  For the most part, it is an okay book...but there are moments that I do absolutely love it.  And some that bore me.  Still, it is fun to take advantage of the warm days and sit in the swing and read.  I try to do that some every day.  It is one of the things I miss most in the cold winters.


I will leave you with a Jeanne Robertson video...