Friday, January 30, 2009

The strip pit area...again

I cannot resist going to the strip pit area if I get the matter what time of day. I would even like to go out there on a moonlit night. I took the one above some time back...just to show you one of the strip pits...the one above is looking south and the ones below are looking north. I thought I had better pictures but I cannot locate them now.
This is the same strip pit area(north view) taken Wednesday, after the major snowfall. A big proportion of it is frozen over as you can see. But see the dark areas--they are not frozen. And they are so crammed full of geese and a few swans that I don't think another could fit in.These are not good pictures...I am not sure if it is operator errors or the cheap lens I have. But being that I sometimes get good photos with it I tend to think it is me. It is very hard to focus sometimes...hard to fine tune it say when I am trying to focus on eyes.
Still, the ones above give an idea of how tightly packed the water was with birds.

And I just have to show you a couple that I really like. I thought about saving the above shot for sepia has not been altered at all. Do you think it would have fit the theme?
And here is one looking down the road...isn't it beautiful?

Today has been a busy day for us! Our older daughter moved out to her own apartment. We moved most of her small stuff and clothes last night after she got off work. Then I went with her grocery shopping--I won't tell you how much she spent. Lets just say it was a lot...but she was buying spices, and just stocking up on the necessities.

Being that Friday and Saturday is her days off, she wanted to get all the moving done a friend of ours took the day off to help move the furniture. He is just one of the husband has a knack for picking some really good friends. They start out as his friends, but always end up feeling like family.

And I guess I should mention what good neighbors we have also...we had shoveled the sidewalks that are used...the ones out back and the ones in front for the mailman. But yesterday evening here came one of the guys across the street on his 4-wheeler cleaning off the sidewalk here at the side...there was just a small portion of it that we hadn't done. Then he tells Roger that if Roger doesn't care, he will clean out Rachel's parking space better!

I really and truly think all news shows should have to feature at least one uplifting story like this every time they air.....about the good that people do. Does anyone else remember Charles Kuralt and his show On the Road? That was one of my favorite shows. And if they aired them today, I would be glued to the TV to watch them again.