Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Roger wanted to get out a little we headed up to roam around Parke County....and this was the highlight of our day....isn't he handsome. I wasn't that far away from him....but those twigs in front of him make it hard to focus. I was slowly walking up closer to him when he took off....
Talk about a big bird...he seemed huge....and when he took off, he was just gone. We watched him go down the valley and then came back our way but off a ways to the side...and in the meantime I had noticed another one...a juvenile...and then there was another eagle, but all too far away. I could have stood there forever watching the three of them....I had been complaining that it had been a while since we had seen an eagle and then to see them two days in a row!!!
I had intentions to visit blogs today but instead last night I discovered a few of my photos were missing from a particular day. I have my photos in folders by day taken...and part of the photos were there, but several weren't. I first checked to see if they were just missing in Picasa and maybe were on the computer but could not find them anywhere. I checked the external hard drive that I had used to transfer them....they were missing on it, also.

So I had to start up the old laptop and transfer them from it. And today in between other jobs I have been going through each folder for the XTi to try to make sure no more photos were missing...I found some that I thought were missing, and have gone through almost 11,000 photos and only found one that I cannot find anywhere...and with the folder it is in, it is nothing special.

I am trying to decide if I am going to do the rest...I probably will but going to take a break from it. I have close to another 10,000 photos from my original Rebel...I just cannot bear the thoughts of starting on those right away.
It was a beautiful day here....true shirt sleeve weather. I even have a daffodil blooming but did not take a photo of it. We had storms last night, but nothing major here where I live.