Thursday, July 6, 2017

Butterflies and Lorelei at the creek

The above is what the creek has been looking sandbar, turbulent waters...

Lorelei loves to go wade in the creek and look for crawdads and baby turtles and whatever else she can find.  Imagine our surprise to find it at this calm, low level yesterday.

Believe it or not, right behind  her is a hole of water that would at least be up to her neck...the build up of sand where she is standing is is in the middle of the channel and she has to wade water up to her knees at least to get back to the main gravel bar.

She and Papaw went for a bit of a was almost too much for Roger...but he made it back safely to the bank but he was sure tired.  It is hard for Lorelei to comprehend how much her Papaw has changed.  And even though I am with him every day, it sometimes catches me off guard, too.

Lorelei had some butterfly attraction going on!

The way she was giggling I think they tickled her when they crawled around on her.

 Notice in the above picture there is also a butterfly on the finger of her other hand that is at the upper edge of the photo. 

I hope you enjoy seeing what we were doing was a fun time...

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