Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sky Watch Friday...

My offering for Sky Watch Friday comes from the sunset on this past Sunday.
The past couple of weeks I have had opportunity to capture some really beautiful skies and have been posting some the past two or three days.
I saved the most dramatic for today....but I hope you will look back through the previous posts and see the other skies I have posted.
If you want to view more skies around the world, or want to join and show us yours, click on the badge at the top of this post. Mr. Linky will be open at 2:30 Eastern Standard time.
As always, click to enlarge for better viewing...I am always amazed at how much that improves some photos.

From last week

Please click to enlarge for best viewing.
Either I have no new sky pictures to post, or I have too many to choose from. This is one from last week when I went to the strip pits...the same night I took the most recently posted owl pictures.

I wish I could have went out there tonight, it was beautiful enough here in town, I bet it would have been wonderful to be out there. Since it is cold again, I just didn't have the desire to go that I would have had it been warm.

It turned colder again last night...and the wind was whipping around everything. I hung sheets out and wondered if they would stay on the lines even with using 4 or 5 clothespins. They stayed and I bet they were dry in and hour or so. Roger went out just to see after about 45 minutes and said they were almost dry...just felt a little damp.

I did start machine quilting the little baby didn't start out too good. I never seem to be able to plan what I am going to do...I just go down and wing it. Well, this time I thought I had at least one part planned, and went down there and tried it and it didn't work. So I had a few stitches to rip out...

But then, I started and this time I got in the grove and did pretty good. Since it is a small quilt, I should be able to finish it soon. It is always sort of hard for me to start when I have quilted in a while. But now that I have started, I done have plans for more. I want to quilt a top or two I already have made and I want to make Lorelei a couple more to stay here and another bigger one to go home with her.

Speaking of Lorelei, did you notice the new picture in the sidebar? It was taken by Sarah--I think Sarah. It wasn't me for sure. I just love it. And if all goes well, they are coming up tomorrow. If they have a good, I am off to bed.