Sunday, November 14, 2021

Just a random post

 I am posting some other pics of these over on my other blog, and will post this over there, but here it is here, too.  This was taken earlier this week.  I really felt like I was entering a fairyland with them.  I just simply love lotus/water lily pads in all their glory.  You see them brown from a distance and are disappointed but the minute you get close, the magic happens.  There is beauty still clinging to them.


Thought I would show some of my threads for quilting.  These are almost all variegated....they are King Tut...several of these were part of my birthday.  Some have been used and replaced.  Oh, King Tut is made by Superior Threads.  I heard somewhere that the company changed hands but I do not know if it is true or not.  I hope if they did, that they keep the same quality.


I think I am going to make potholders from these...they are made from the scraps I buy at this one quilt shop.  They have a bin where scraps are thrown by them, and probably by people taking classes there.  I forget what it costs to buy a quart bag....but I buy a gallon bag stuffed as full as I can stuff it for $5.  Some are just little pieces but I get quite a few nice chungs.  Take the blue with the white flowers, I got at least two pieces of it that were about 11 inches square.  One of these days when I buy a bag, I will lay it out and take a picture of all that I get.  Some bags are better than others.  But I get to pic and choose what I is not like they stuff the bag...
I have a jigsaw puzzle that I am working and would really like to finish it today but not sure I can.  I just simply cannot leave them alone sometimes.  I got it out one night, and was good the next day.  I did not touch it till evening...but it has been a lost cause since then. 

I hope everyone has a good week ahead...