Thursday, August 19, 2010

A little fellow.....

Roger headed out to the garage last night, but was back inside in just a second and told me to get my camera....this little tree frog is what he had spotted. Notice how his legs really blend in with the siding on the garage?
The above photo is a cropped version of another one...I was so happy with this. I was amaze it was even half in focus because it was dark outside with only the light from the corner of the garage.

At home, we had a wisteria growing at the end of the porch...and often times we would see a tree frog on the window in the living room...I think it traveled out the wisteria and got on the window from one of the vines. He was at least 10-15 times bigger than this little guy! This one would almost have fit on a quarter, and for sure on a half dollar.

For a while, every time I sat on the front porch here, I would hear one but have yet to spot it. It sounds as if it could be quite a bit bigger than this one, if you can go at all by sound.

And remember when we were kids and would go out on the playground at school, and there would be little tiny frogs everywhere? Or did that not happen any where else. We never did know where they came from...but there would be hundreds of them and they were easy to catch they were so plentiful. If I remember correctly, they would only be there a day or two and then we just didn't see them any more.

There wasn't any pond of water anywhere close, though I do think if it rained enough over in the pasture next to the school grounds there would be a big puddle. It was just strange...I cannot remember seeing that happen anywhere else...but it happened there several different years.