Saturday, September 20, 2008

Favorite things today

We are having a wonderful time...these are just a few of the things I seen and liked today.We toured an ice breaker that is docked just down the way from us a little ways. As we were leaving the area I glanced up and what did I see? And eagle! I could hardly believe my eyes, but if you enlarge this you can see its white head. It was just so awesome.We toured the ship and then took off on a rambling drive. I first heard the geese, then finally spotted them. I only had one good shot of them before they disappeared again behind trees. The gulls were walking along the edge of the water at this public beach area that is out away from town. This is the first picture I took of these two and did not realize till I downloaded it that I had caught them both preening themselves.

This was on farther down the road...we came around a slight curve in the road, and there it was. I was so thankful that there was no traffic behind us! We pulled over and I got out to try to compose a few pictures...these were my favorite two from there.

I sort of like the name--Just a Plain Farm.That is all for tonight...I want to touch base with a couple of my childhood friends and then settle down for the night.