Thursday, March 15, 2012


A few weeks ago I had an artists contact me and ask to use the above photo for a rendering as he called it...he does pin and ink. I felt honored that anyone would want to use one of mine. My thoughts on this are that if he was there he could see it for isn't as if he is claiming the photo as his own.

Another thing....does anyone do Pinterest? I don't really participate/have not joined it, but every now and then will go and type in quilts to see what everyone has pinned. Participants find pictures of things they like and 'pin' it to their wall...not sure if that is what they call it since I did not join. Anyway, I had not thought of my photos being pinned till I saw it mentioned on another blog.

All you have to do is type
in the browser window, hit enter and you will find whether any of your photos have been pinned. When I typed in, which is my Time Stand Still blog, I found that a few barns had been pinned.

I have mixed feelings about it, but it does give a link back to your blog, and they are not claiming them as their own...they are just saying they like again, a compliment in a way. I have been checking it out, and the way it gives the link back is sort of quirky. The first link it gives results in a page that says the Page Is Not Found, but on that error page is the correct link.

Anyway, I wondered if anyone else had thoughts on either one? I really don't mind that someone uses my photos as a basis for a painting or a drawing, and as long as there is a link back to my blog I don't really see any harm in people pinning my photos on Pinterest.