Sunday, August 3, 2008

Three for one...

Click photos to enlarge.
A few years ago, before my oldest daughter moved out, we went to Champaign, Illinois to go shopping. On the way there, I glanced north off Interstate 74 and seen what I have always thought of as two round barns....and I have always wanted to go back to look for them. Today was the day.
This is what we found--an oblong barn/grain bin with a smaller circular one on each side. I really have no idea if this is a true barn or corn crib or what. Ot definitely looks like ventilation to me. It was a ways off the road and though I wanted to go examine it, I just cannot do that when I don't even know who owns the property.
Now, I definitely want to go back when the corn is gone from the fields and I can see better from the interstate...cause I still have a picture in my mind of two barns. And I really don't think these are the ones I seen!

The ever changing sunrise (and sitemeter)

I suppose everyone that visited blogs today ran into blogs that would not open...mine was among those that would not open if you were using Internet Explorer. I did think and use Firefox and it opened fine. So, I started investigating and found that I had to remove Sitemeter....

In trying to find another webcounter, I discovered that I could not even open Sitemeter's pages at all from I closed IE down again and went to Firefox and accessed their site and I discovered they are getting ready for a change on their end of things. I figured that it was to do with that, but went ahead and wrote them a nice letter. Just to make sure they were aware of the problem.

I kept checking throughout the day, and finally was able to access their site while using Internet Explorer. So I open my blog and removed the temporary counter I had used, and I went and got the code for sitemeter and put it back on and all is fine. About the time I got done with doing that, I got an answer to the email I had sent them telling me that they had become aware of an incompatibility issue and that it was fixed. I just really like Sitemeter better than the others that I looked at. . . and that is my story and I'm sticking to it.

As for the following pictures, they are more from Monday morn...I have not tried to put them in any particular order....I just think they are all so beautiful. Roger and I kept telling each other to look! look!--if it was not one of us saying it, it was the other. So I hope you enjoy them just half as much as I do. And really, they do need to be enlarged for full enjoyment.