Saturday, September 26, 2009


We went for a drive this morn...went up through part of Parke County, is the county next to us.  I love driving through it...several Amish families moved there a few years ago because they were running out of farmland where they were.  This is NOT an Amish barn, though.  I don't want to give the wrong impression.  I just liked it.

We did go by an Amish bulk store...mainly to buy popcorn...ended up buying a few other things as well.  I also bought some lentils...I have always heard of lentil soup so would like to find a recipe to try.  If anyone has made it before and knows a good recipe, I would be happy to hear it.  I plan to google it when I get some extra time.
Time for the Lorelei report.  We had her all week...and we had a blast.  I don't know where to begin...I would tell it in chronilogical order but can't remember in what order the highlights of the days happened.  She started out the week really fighting taking a nap, but the last 3 or 4 days she took good naps, and 3 of those she took on me from beginning to end. 

And of those, I took two with her.  LOL  I would sit with her and get her to sleep, then move over to the couch.  She will raise up and look around about half an hour into the nap, then lay her head back down.  And 2 of those naps were for about one and a half hours.  I think Monday was a day of just one half hour nap.

Last week was a week full of giggles...about all Shelby had to do was look at her and she would giggle.  She was giggling so hard one evening that she got strangled on her own saliva.  Shelby was just walking down the sidewalk and something about it was so funny to her.  And she was laughing at Puss Puss one evening and all she was doing was wanting out the door.

When we first started babysitting her, there was some commercial on TV that had some of the song Every Morning by Sugar Ray--just a tiny bit of it as background music.  I thought there was a reaction from her then, and even went and hunted it on you tube.  Still thought it was a reaction, but wondered was it me just wanting one to be there.  I totally forgot about it till the other day.  I took her and looked it up, and the first time she heard it start, she giggled a little bit and then danced with this huge smile on her face almost all the way through it.

So I wondered was it just a played a few other things.  No reaction.  I went back to Every Morning and got the same big smile and the dancing.  I did think and look up Lorelei by Styx....her daddy sings that to her.  She didn't pay much attention to it until this one place where the singer says LORELEI in a real strong voice and she whirled around and looked...I know looking for her daddy.

Now to the last thing I am going to tell.  At least about her...on one of the days she had a shorter nap, by the time Sarah got here, she was really needing a nap but fighting it all the way.  Her mom had held her a minute and went to get her bottles ready, and I decided she needed her diaper changed.  She did not like getting out of Sarah's sight and was just mad.  I took her in there to the bed, and even though changing her diaper almost always puts her in a better mood.  Not this time.

She started blowing raspberries and she was mad...if her mommy and daddy cursed, she would have been cussing me out. Just a totally different tone to the raspberries and the look on her face... And she was blowing spit everywhere....but she ended up getting tickled at herself and got in a better mood.  I laughed so hard that I cried...

I guess that is enough about her.  I hope you found some  of it enjoyable...we sure had fun with her.