Monday, December 5, 2011

Warm or not warm?

The day I took this picture was not as cold as it is today, but I wonder do the feel the cold. Their fleece is such a mess, I really wonder how it feels. I assume it is warm...but, oh, do I bet it is smelly when sheared.

It has rained the whole day long. Cold rain. Not one ray of sunshine. However, they were predicting a wintry mix tonight and tomorrow and for now, that has been dropped. If we get sunshine, I will dance for least in my mind.

I have not done much today...Roger had to run to Walmart so I ran with him and picked up a couple of which was a sketchbook. I cannot draw a straight line without a ruler, but I still wanted one to jot down ideas I have. The only thing is, I need one that I keep near my chair, one near my desk, and one down in the basement.

I also ran to the library to get some 'how to' books...that was all I got. I do not need any other books to read. I have enough on my kindle to last me a year. Instead of the old saying of 'she who dies with the most fabric wins' now it will be 'he who dies with most books on his kindle wins.'