Monday, January 12, 2015

Three months and a day since I last posted

I cannot believe how long it has been since I blogged...I first stopped because we were having Lorelei for two weeks.  And though I could probably have found time to post a few pics, I would not have had time to return visits.

The rest of the time you don't want to hear about--colds, flu, and maybe just pure old laziness part of the time.

We did not have Christmas till the day before New Years...
Do any of you remember getting calendars like the one above?  I don't remember where I got the image from.  It is not mine.  I would not mind having this kind of calendar again.  I love all the big, bold numbers.  I love all the information give such as sunrise and sunset times, phases of the moon...and I don't even remember all that was given on them. 

I know the ones we used to get had what sign of the moon was in...don't asked me to explain that.  I just know that mom always wanted to wean calves during a certain sign...either when it was going to legs or to ankles(?) or to feet...whether you believe it or not, it really worked.  I can remember mom noticing when a neighbor had weaned their calves in the wrong sign, and them bawling and bawling

The calendar used to predict the weather.  I can so remember looking ahead and seeing when snow was predicted and hoping they were right.  Oh, how we wanted it to snow....anything to get out of school.  Besides the fact we liked to be out in it.