Monday, October 24, 2011

From the road

As some may have noticed, I have been sort of absent from blogging...I did do the one post last night but the others at Time Stand Still were ones I had scheduled.  We had went to see the kids Saturday and did not get home till late yesterday evening...we pass the barn above when we go to see them.  The road it is on is a busy road, and no room at all to pull off to the side.  I have tried to capture it before, but always something drastically wrong with the photo.

We still have not figured out what goes wrong with Sarah's computer when we visit I am not able to visit any at all, at least not blogger blogs.  But I need to get to my dashboard to get to my list of blogs.  Besides that, we are there to see them...and just grab a minute here and there for email.

Lorelei is changing in ways that are hard to describe....she has a big imagination.  For a while she played the big bad wolf all the time.  Saturday when we got there, it was not but a few minutes till she was pretending to be an elephant.  Sunday, she was a dog.  Or she gets her animals or dolls and carries on conversations between them...or wants one of us to pick up one and pretend with her.  Just constantly in action.

She also likes yanking our chain...she will go along and be working a puzzle fine...then she will look at us and purposely put a piece in wrong sometimes...or pretend she is going to.  She will look at us and say, 'does it go here?'   You can just tell she is wanting to get a reaction out of us.

There is just something about her little voice when she says 'come on mamaw.'  I think she could about talk me into anything then.  Up in the morn Sunday, she wanted to go to our room.  She would cover her baby up, then cover herself up...then want me to get her piggies.  And the giggles are just so contagious.  Sometime during all of it, her daddy got home from work and got his shower...and started playing with her. 

It is impossible to describe....she was following him and imitating all he done...if he took big steps, she took big steps.  If he took itty-bitty steps--she took itty bitty steps...if he marched, she marched....and if he ran from her or chased her, she screamed with laughter.  He is such a good daddy to her...he can be playful and have fun but he is a dad when he needs to be. 
I have been trying to catch up around here today and we had company for a while.  Just one of Roger's buddies but we had not seen him for a while so sat and visited.  Other than that hung a couple loads of clothes on the line, mopped and vacuumed...just the everyday chores.  I was so glad to be able to hang clothes out had been so rainy last week when laundry need to be done.

I have not touched sewing yet...I have headed down there two or three times and got hoping to go down and at least touch some fabric in a few minutes.  I feel so much better mentally when I sew a little each day...