Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Yesterday Roger was in the kitchen getting ready to heat something in the microwave...I walked in just as he stubbed his toe.  Those that really know me would have been proud.  I didn't laugh right off the bat.  Didn't even have to try real hard, unless I thought of the other times he stubbed his toe.  Remember two or three years ago, he stubbed his toe, the same toe, 3 times in a week or so.  The last time being he was out in the garage barefoot and kicked it against a cast iron jackstand so hard he moved it across the floor.  He ended up having surgery on that poor toe.

Anyway, was doing good not laughing...then he said ."It's been a while since I kicked something with my toe.....(slight pause here)....I don't really miss the experience."  Needless to say, I lost it then...

Well, while looking for a photo to use in this post, I came across this article and wanted to share it:  How to Stub Your Toe.