Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I thought I might as well share some of my wishful thinking...every time I have turned around this afternoon, my thoughts have run this way.....

.....I wish I had all the fresh, from our garden tomatoes that I could eat.  I think I could easily eat  a peck of them in one day.  I would be thankful for just a couple that were thoroughly ripe and had good taste.

...........I really wish I could snap my fingers and have shopping done.  (Like in I Dream of Jeannie.)  (I have been thinking about her lately...wondering if Lorelei would like that show.)

..........I wish I had the de-cluttering done enough till I felt like I was close to being done.  Have only done a little today since we went shopping this morn.

.........I wish when autumn comes, it would come slow and last a long, long time.  There is a feel of fall to the air and the sounds are there.  And while it is my absolute favorite time of year, I don't really look forward to winter.

...........I wish I had time and felt like doing everything I want to do.  I have never, ever understood being bored. 

Is that enough wishful thinking for you?  Want to share some of your wishes...tell me in the comments.  I do enjoy reading them so much.