Thursday, March 18, 2021

Causing trouble...

 So, I took Roger to the Physicians Assistant at the ENT's office to check his ear and remove any wax.  I was not allowed to go back with him, but I told the nurse what he was there for.  He was back there just a few minutes, and out he came.  See that little bitty dome shaped piece.  That was what was in his ear.  I hate to think how long it has been there.

In real life it is  a  bit bigger than a B-B....for those of you have not ever had a B-B gun, B-Bs are not even a quarter inch across.  Anyway this piece is called the dome.  They fit back in his ear and are out of sight when in use.  I can only remember him losing one that we did not find.  My memory is not the best and I hope I have forgotten one.  But thatthe one I remember was over a year ago.  

Anyway, Roger said, "I can hear so much better!"

This is a pic Lorelei sent me one morning...I am not sure whose lap Rosie is on.  She is sure a loving little dog.

Then my other daughter sent me this pic, along with others of Delta and Copper.  Look how tall and how skinny Copper is.  He is all energy.  

I have a little feel good story for you.  My windshield wiper messed up a while back...kind of like it was sticking.  Just a bit more than how they do when the window is not good and wet.  Then it seemed to work just fine and I thought well, that was it.

Earlier this week, I had to run to Terre Haute to get the serum for Roger's allergy shots.  On the way there, it really went all goofy.  It was raining...and I almost turned around and came home.  But the sky was beginning to lighten up like the rain was about at an end so I went on, picked it up and came home.  We brought it home cause it has to be refrigerated.  I brought it in to stick in the fridge, and when I went back out, Roger was standing there with the whole wiper blade in his hand.  Not just the rubber insert...he said when he raised the arm, it just fell off.

So off to Napa we went...he went in with me, and told the guy we wanted both wiper blades...he took the old one in.  I had to go to because it is times like when the Napa guy asked what kind of vehicle we had, Roger cannot answer.  So I told him...

I went in there hoping someone would come out and put them on, but I was not going to ask.  We are so short that it is not just an easy job.  Sure enough, he went back and got them and said, let me put them on for you!  He was tall enough till he could reach and do both wipers from one side.   Of course we told him thank you, and that we appreciated it.  And went back in to pay, and he told me they were on sale...I honestly wondered if he was just giving us a sale price because of our age.  

Anyway.  People just do not realize how much little touches of kindness can mean.  If that had been me putting the wipers on, I would have had to get something to stand on, or what I normally do is open the door and stand there on the floor board...for lack of a better word.