Monday, June 1, 2015

Just a couple sunsets from 2008....
The second has been cropped just a smidgeon to avoid the horizon being almost the center of the photo.
I have not earned my keep today.  We ran to Menard's to look around a bit.  From there to the library to renew my card.  I wanted access to their digital content....I wanted to see if it were any different to ours.  I have not did the comparisons yet, but did glance around some and what I looked at seemed to be about the same books.

It stayed cool and overcast for most of this day...the sun finally peeped out late this evening.  If nothing happens, tomorrow I will be hanging out laundry.  And hopefully I will get back to sewing. 

Lonesome here

About the second thing Lorelei did after she got here Thursday was to start watering the flowers and the garden.
And she watered them the next day, and would have watered them yesterday...
But we got some much needed rain....enough rain to actually do some good.

And just so you know, today I think our high was 57ºF....Lorelei actually wanted a jacket when she was outside before we took her to meet her mom.