Friday, October 9, 2009


I saw these little bitty flowers out at the old strip pits the other day...they immediately reminded me of mop heads. At the most, each little flower was a half inch in diameter.
I haven't tried to identify them yet....maybe when I get time.
I have been playing some with my Electric Quilt computer program...trying to think and design what I want to make next. I have got my machine all set and ready to sew if I could make up my mind. Sometimes it was easier when I didn't have so much to choose from.

Along the way, I have built up a significant stash of quilting material because I knew once Roger retired I wouldn't be going and spending so much on fabric. I still buy some along, or if I really need something I go get it. Usually I have a good supply of anything I need...I do buy good yellow fabric whenever I find one I really like because I continually run out of it. Almost any quilt I make has some yellow yellow in it.

It is so wet and rainy here in our area...I don't think it totally quit raining the entire day yesterday. And it is the same again this morn, though I think the rain is supposed to move on through by the end of the day, with days of typical fall weather following.

I was thinking as was waking up this morn about how unusual the weather is. I don't ever remember having as much cool weather by this time of the year when I worked at the orchard. There would be days I would start out with a jacket or one of Roger's heavy flannel shirts, but very seldom did they stay on past 10:00 a.m. This fall, there have been several days where I think I would have had to wear a jacket most or all of the day.