Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Mama and the Papa

I have not been feeding the birds this summer...but decided I best use what is left before bugs get into it. The cardinals are some of the most frequent visitors...
They even started to build a nest right by the front steps, but decided against it this time before they got it finished. I do know why they even think about it...the cats are always out there. The cardinals would just fuss at them or us if we came out...

I heard a Carolina wren 3 or 4 morns, but did not see it. I hung up a gourd, but no luck. Actually hung up two gourds...but both are failures so far.

I seen the hummingbird pass by my new flowers again may have actually been there for more than passing by, but I didn't see it till it was flying away.
I was busy today...hung out 3 loads of dried in less than half the time it would have taken to dry in the dryer. I cannot believe how quick it dries when the humidity is down.

We are anxiously waiting for our tomatoes to grow and get ripe...we have little ones...almost the size of a marble. And we have one bell pepper that is approaching golf ball size. I am sort of worrying about if everything got pollinated good. I sure hope so.