Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hanging on

Today wasn't too cold, but the snow hangs on. And more is headed our way in the coming weekend. The meteorologist is not saying how much he thinks we will get, but he seems positive we will get some. I know I will feel the same thrill I always feel when it starts to fall, but in the overall scheme of things, I am ready for spring.

I am ready to sit on the front porch and have my morning cup of coffee.

I am ready to see an actual sunrise, not just the gradual appearance of light, with no show of the sun.

I am ready to feel the warm rays of sunshine on my face.

I am ready ready to cook on the grill without having to wear a jacket.

I am ready to dispose of layered clothing.

I am ready to smell lilacs!

I am ready for a nice spring rain.

I am ready to go fishing.

I am ready for these things and so much more, but

Most of all, I am ready to be outside with Lorelei.