Saturday, January 22, 2011

Waiting on a visitor....

We are going to have company! Or is it company when it is your daughter and granddaughter? I guess I should call them visitors. Daughter told me a couple days ago that she might come and spend the night tonight...I have been holding my breath, keeping my fingers crossed and saying a little prayer that nothing would happen to prevent the visit.

And nothing has...they should be here in a couple hours at the most. It has been a good long while since I have seen the Lorelei without her being sick. At least to me it has been a long time...over two weeks. In the overall scheme of things that is not long. I am so anxious to see her, while at the same time knowing she will have changed so much in the short while since I have seen her.

Some of the things I have missed is Tea With Otti. She got a tea set for is one of her favorite things. When I have been over there, there is never a day that she misses playing with it. Her thing now is to go get dog food and put it in her cup and serve it to Otto. Then she tries to sneak and get water. Next, when she is bored with that part, she will get dog food to tempt Otto and take off running down the hall with him chasing her.

Another thing she has been doing is singing in the the top of her voice. I don't know that it is a song every time...she will just sing words sometimes. And sometimes she makes up little tunes when she is just sitting. I told Sarah that she will be another Russell Crowe and write her first song by the age of three...I saw him interviewed, probably by Jay Leno and music is his first love. In that interview he told that he wrote his first song at 3 yrs. old.

Let me think...what else has Lorelei been doing. OH, have any of you seen the movie is an animation and it has an old man in it. Sarah said they were watching it, and it showed the old man and the boy walking through the forest, Lorelei looked up at Sarah and said 'Grandpa?'

The last time I was over there, she was taking her mommy's hands and putting them over her mommy's eyes and say 'Where did mommy go? Where did mommy go?' Then she would pull Sarah's hands away and say 'There she is!'
It is another cold day here in the Wabash Valley. Not quite as cold as yesterday...we don't feel the cold seeping in today. I think our weatherman is predicting more significant snowfall sometime in the next few days. I am not sure what I want....I want spring, but thinking I would like to have time to get out in one more snow to take if it does snow I am going to try think positive about it.

I will sign off for now...