Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For a change of pace....

For a change of pace, I ran to the strip pits tonight...there just is not much moving out there. I saw one Great Blue Heron but he took off before I could photograph him....and I finally saw this coyote.
He was not too far off, but too far for my lens to capture good. This is cropped from the original. I am sure the place is full of them, but I have been going there for years and this is only the third one I have seen.
This was the scene as I left the strip pits. This is the sun, not the moon. I did try to lighten the scene...not sure how it will look on a desktop. The foreground was lighter than this, but still on the verge of being so dark you could see no details.
My heart is full of anticipation...we are meeting Sarah Thursday to get Lorelei for the night. She has called two or three times and the first thing she says is she wants to come to our house...followed the " I love you Mamaw and I miss you!" and then she tells me she loves Papaw too and she misses him...

Sarah said Lorelei's one little friend came over the other night...it was the first time they had been together in a while. They played and played and played, and when Emily had to leave, they both cried. And Emily is 4 or 5 years old. Sarah said Emily was in their SUV, and she was standing there holding Lorelei and they were both crying telling each other they were going to miss each other.