Monday, August 10, 2009

I feel like this old mule....

First of all, I want to thank the ones that responded to my queries about blogging. I really enjoyed reading your answers.
Now, on with the day...I feel like I think this old mule looks to me...tired. When Roger found out that Lorelei was not going to be here today, he suggested a couple errands. And I added a couple more. We spent the biggest part of the day in Terre Haute! Was I ever glad to get home in the afternoon.

We went out to eat breakfast, to the library down there where I had a book overdue. I just returned everything I had and came home with another load of books, DVDs, and books. We had seen the movie Defiance about the Bielski brothers who were responsible for saving hundreds of Jews during WWII. So I came home with a book about the brothers and have read a couple pages in it and it promises to be very good.

I also came home with an audio book about Charles Shulz and Peanuts...I have listed to a bit of it and I think it will be good as well. Now to just find time to listen to it or read the other. I brought home a load of stuff and know that there is no hope of getting through it all...but at least I have plenty to choose from.

In addition, I went to Joann fabrics where i did not find a single piece of fabric that I wanted, but I did get batting for Lorelei's new quilt. Now to find time to get the backing made and the quilt sandwiched and quilted. But I can dream, can't I?
I keep forgetting to tell this little tidbit about Lorelei. Sarah told me one day last week that she was fixing supper and had Lorelei in the kitchen with the high chair. Sarah had her back to her and turned around to see her leaning out as far as she could reaching her hand out to Otto for him to lick it all the time with a big smile on her face.

It is for sure in her genes that she is going to love animals....just no way of getting around it. She gets a smile on her face and can't take her eyes off the cats here or Shelby if they are moving.
I got to thinking about this post I read over a year ago...I had to search to find it. I knew it was at Mrs. Nesbitt's Place, but just couldn't remember how long I looked some this morn, but didn't have time to find it till this evening. I laugh till I cry, but no one else seems to think it as funny as me. So, I thought I would share it here and see if anyone else thinks it funny, or is it for people who have dogs and have had similar experiences?

A little something to look at.....

Lorelei is not coming today, so have a time to do a post....I was going to do one late last night and got detoured. So here is something to look at if you came for a photograph, but what I really want is some feedback on the following....

What I wanted to talk about is blogging. I have wondered how does everyone else find the blogs they visit regularly? I really don't remember exactly how I came across the blogs that got me started, nor do I remember whose blog was the first. There is a handful of blogs that I know were the first ones that really got me hooked...I liked the content of their blog, and they were so friendly and their personality came through so loud and clear that I still visit them and though I may not visit every day, I do go back and check each post. Every now and then I miss one, but it is a fluke and I generally catch it at some point in time.

Also, what attracts you to a blog? With me, it is sometimes just the photographs....and sometimes it is the writing or both. I suppose if I had to pick just one, that photography would win, yet I love some of the writing. There have been a few posts that I have laughed till I cried...they were so well written I could just see it all. And I wished I had the talent to express myself so well.

Does anyone else ever just sit and click that 'Next Blog" link at the top of most blogs from blogger and do you ever find one you want to continue to visit? Seems like most days I do that, the majority of the blogs I get will be in a foreign language, but yesterday I indulged in doing that for a while. Though a few were in other languages, most that I came across were in English. But I still didn't find a single one that I wanted to add to my bookmarks.

And is there any blog that you have went back and looked at every single post? There are two I have did that with, and there are others I wish I had the time to go back.....and I probably will someday.

Anyway, was just wondering...