Friday, January 22, 2010

Church in Illinois

I thought I would show a couple pictures of the church that is in the background of this post. It is just out in the feels like it is miles from anywhere, but it really isn't too far to Paris, Illinois. It is a Catholic church...I took a picture at another time that told the date of when it was built but now I have searched and searched and cannot find the photo.
Someday I want to be over there at the right time to get either a sunset or a sunrise in the background. I am always just a little late for a sunset.
We went to see Lorelei yesterday....she is just such a funny little girl. Busy all the time, but doesn't have to have someone entertaining her. She can sit and play and play with her toys. Right now she is the sunshine of our days. She laughs so easily and it is contagious to be around.